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Movie fandoms: why “small” has never been cooler

Not all fandoms are famous, nor count an endless number of supporters. Yet even the smallest ones can spark devotion in their fans and inspire the creation of fanworks like fanarts, fanfictions and others. A journey through five not so well known (but so well loved) movie fandoms. There are many big fandoms out there, fandoms everyone knows and most

King of the Belgians | Venezia 73 Reviews

The on-the-road movie that conquered the Venice Film Festival. A reflection on King of the Belgians, directed by Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens. During a movie festival, you often have the impression there is some unwritten rule, you have not been made aware of, which dictates that to say something deep and eye-opening you need to be the

Boys in the Trees | Venezia 73 Reviews

A trip down memory lane. Nicholas Verso creates a movie that captures its audience and remembers a time long forgotten. Our review of the Australian film Boys in the Trees, from the Orizzonti Competition of the Venice Film Festival Sometimes, when you are watching a movie, your mind fixes on the things you think about that movie. If you like it, if you

El Vendedor de orquídeas | Venezia 73 Reviews

When a documentary becomes a beautiful memory: our review of El Vendedor de orquídeas (special screening – out of competition”, Venezia 73). For some it was a surprise when Desde allá won the 2015 Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. It was, in a peculiar way, a difficult movie. Those who prefer to analyze technical contents


Person of Interest: our last goodbye to this amazing series

Person of Interest closes tonight. Between sadness and nostalgia, here’s our toast to this beautiful show that’s been with us for the past five years.  For Italian:  The time has come to say goodbye. After 5 seasons, 103 episodes and uncountable plot twists, Person of Interest, the CBS series created by Jonathan Nolan, has reached its