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fanheart3 awards 2023

Collateral Award at the 80th Venice International Film Festival, La Biennale di Venezia

To celebrate movies and immersive experiences at Venezia80 that have the potential to impact fan culture and the production of fanworks.


Golden Clip
for best movie

To the film that will become a cult movie among fans

Silver Ship
for best OTP

To the characters whose relationship most closely match the typical tropes of fan culture and 'shipping'

Fan Experience

To the immersive work that, in terms of content, storytelling and storyliving dynamics, best meets the interests and needs of fan communities in terms of emotional and mental involvement

Honorable Metion
immersive section

Nominations and winners

Our jury

Cristina Saccon

President of the Jury, she is a founding member of fanheart3 and its current president. Active in several online fan communities, she produces fanart under a pseudonym. She is the ideator of fanhunt, fanheart3 treasure hunt based on fandom.

Socio fondatore di fanheart3, fanwriter e fanartist

Sara Bezzetto

One of the founding members of fanheart3, she is passionate about indie video games and is an active contributor to fan communities dedicated to gaming and the creation of genre videogames, with a focus on horror

Presidente fanheart3, fandom studies researcher, VR explorer

Susanna Norbiato

Founder member of fanheart3, graduate in Performing Arts and Multimedia Production. She is co-author of documentaries and collaborates on scientific research and videos on the subject of fan culture

Presidente fanheart3, fandom studies researcher, VR explorer

fanheart3 awards sara boero

Sara Boero

Writer, she published several books for children and adults, an essay on music and several short stories in various collections. She has a YouTube channel for “nerd storytelling” on publishing and film production with more than 16,000 subscribers. She recently released her new podcast “Tra il dire e il mare”, available on YouTube

Attore teatrale ed esperto di comunicazione

The 2023 prize

In the wake of the ecological awarding that fanheart3 has chosen to pursue in the previous editions of the fanheart3 awards and in consideration of the tragic environmental events that have been affecting the Italian territory for several months now, fanheart3 decided to make a donation on behalf of our winners to Spiritus Mundi ODV, an organisation of young volunteers involved in the creation of forests in the Veneto region and in recreating the ecosystem for biodiversity.

Fanheart3 also chose to support a local craftsman, Mario Favaro, who provided the frames containing the award certificates. Visit Mario Favaro’s website to find out more about his art.

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"Quando parliamo di prodotti 'da fan' non stiamo riducendo automaticamente il livello qualitativo delle produzioni vincitrici, definendole 'per le masse'. Anzi, vogliamo evidenziare qualcosa in più che questi film hanno, oltre al loro valore artistico. Molti di questi film presentano delle caratteristiche che potrebbero farli notare anche oltre i confini dei Festival e del circuito cinefilo e trasformarli in piccoli (o grandi) cult, in grado di influenzare non solamente la successiva produzione cinematografica, ma anche la cultura a 360 gradi e, con essa, la società e le situazioni sociali che ogni giorno ci ritroviamo ad affrontare"
"When we talk about productions 'for fans', we are not automatically lowering their quality level by calling them 'for the masses'. On the contrary, we want to highlight something more that these productions have, in addition to their artistic value. Many present characteristics that could make them stand out even beyond the boundaries of festivals and the cinephile circuit and turn them into small (or big) cult products. Not only could they influence subsequent artistic productions. They could also have an all-round impact on culture and, with it, on society and the social situations we face every day'.

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