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fanheart3 awards 2020

Collateral Award at the 77. Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica de La Biennale di Venezia

To celebrate fan culture and movies that can potentially impact it

The Awards

Golden Clip
for best movie

To the film that has the highest potential to become a cult movie among fans

Silver Ship
for best OTP

To the couple of characters (actual or potential) that is most interesting for the narrative dynamics that characterize their interactions.

fan experience

To the work in virtual reality closer to fan culture’s themes and contents

The Competition

The Golden Clip and the Silver Ship for best OTP will be assigned to a title in a selection of 12 films chosen in the following sections: Venezia77 In Competition, Out of Competition, Orizzonti, Giornate degli Autori, Settimana della Critica.

The VR Fan Experience will be assigned to one out of 10 experiences in VR selected among those presented at VeniceVR Expanded.

Winners of Fanheart3 Awards will be announced on Saturday, September 12, on the closing day of the Venice Film Festival.

Nominations & Winners


  • To be announced during August


  • To be announced during August

The 2020 Jury

Agnese Pietrobon

President of fanheart3, fandom studies researcher, VR explorer

Susanna Norbiato

Founding member of fanheart3, fandom studies researcher, documentarist

Cristina Saccon

Founding member of fanheart3, fanwriter and fanartist

Francesca Bulian

New media researcher, writer, art and cinema critic

Antonino Crisafulli

Theatre actor and communication psychologist

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fanheart3 awards fanlion

Scarica la comunicazione ufficiale della Biennale sui premi collaterali
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"When we talk about “movies for fans” we are not reducing the inner quality of these movies, nor are we simply calling them “mainstream”. On the contrary, we want to emphasize that these movies have something more, a potential, which goes beyond even their artistic value. Some of these movies could be noticed beyond film festivals and the cinephile niche. Their characteristics transform them into potential cult movies and therefore allow them not only to influence the cinematographic production for years to come, but also to do something that beautiful but less fan-oriented films are unable to realize: to have a 360° impact on our culture and hopefully move younger people (and not only) to a better awareness of our society and of the challenges it’s facing."

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